Ludmila Popișteanu

Ludmila Popişteanu (1924 – 1993)

Renowned piano pedagogue, Ludmila Popişteanu* was born Ludmila-Lia Lovensohn on March 17, 1924 in Galați. She studied at the Ciprian Porumbescu State Conservatory (today the National University of Music) in Bucharest with the celebrated Florica Musicescu.

Appointed teacher at the Music School no. 2 in Bucharest, currently the George Enescu National College of Music, on September 17, 1956, Ludmila Popişteanu was an intuitive, intelligent and tactful instructor, tutoring many talented musicians and pianists, such as Dana Ciocârlie, Karina Şabac, Anda Anastasescu, Toma Popovici, Adriana Toacsen, Olguţa Lupu, Andrei Vieru, Anda-Louise Bogza.

Ludmila Popişteanu died on January 3, 1993, in Bucharest.

*Information received c/o Lavinia Coman, PhD and retrieved from Mrs Popişteanu’s employment agreement, George Enescu National College of Music, Bucharest