The Project

Pioneers on Bucharest’s cultural atlas: Opus Association brings into the limelight the houses where great Romanian musicians from the 19th to the 21st century lived, reunited in one digital map and documented via the dedicated site.

For the most part places of historical import and inhabited by notable figures in Romanian musical culture: Anton Pann, Alexandru Flechtenmacher, C. C. Nottara, George Enescu, George Georgescu, Dinu Lipatti, Dan Mizrahy, Ion Voicu, Mihail Jora, Constantin Silvestri, Cella Delavrancea, Ștefan Gheorghiu, Silvia Șerbescu, Iosif Sava, Maria Tănase and Emilia Petrescu among others, these houses are not only part of the material, real estate Bucharest cultural heritage, they tell their and their owners’ story, and thus have a distinct, vivid profile which stands proud in the city’s affective memory.

No matter your age and whether you set out to look for such houses or not, if you have Internet access and are interested in learning more about some of the greatest names of the Bucharest musical world and where they lived and worked, come take a walk with this online guide in your pocket. On you can find, in Romanian and English, essential information on the subject: from architectural descriptions to interviews, pieces and new or archive photos, all of it carefully drafted, compiled, translated, uploaded and assembled together by a team of specialists in the various interconnected fields: Ioana Marghita, Ștefan Costache, Larisa Clempuș, Monica Isăcescu, Petre Fugaciu, musicologists and Radio România Muzical presenters; architect Andreea Mihaela Chircă, PhD candidate; Andra Aron, professional photographer and graduate of the Faculty of Film Direction; Daniel Ivașcu, visual artist and graphic designer; and Maria Monica Bojin, Music teacher, MA in British Cultural Studies.

This is an interactive project, so should you have information on musicians’ houses, or should you come across one such house during your walks, please let us know via our Facebook page.

We’ll check the submitted data, and your proposals, along with your name of course, will be put on the site and the map.